Ex Certified LPG Filling Heads from JASMA



LPG Filling Heads aka LPG Filling Guns

Domestic and industrial LPG Cylinders are filled with the LP Gas at an LPG Bottling Plant. In these plants, cylinders are filled with the LPG gas through a filling system. These systems can be manual (standalone) or have semi or fully automatic arrangement (carousels). The bottling environment is hazardous, and extreme care needs to be taken to ensure all products near the filling operations are safe for use in the LPG Environment.

Jasma has been in the LPG Business for over 3 decades and Jasma LPG Products including LPG Filling heads are engineered for safety and highest quality.

JASMA LPG Filling Heads

Filling heads are designed for OPD, check, centre and screw valves.  Jasma LPG Filling Heads come with different constructional variants to suit different valve types.  Jasma Filling Heads are suitable for different filling position as well as orientation of operations.

  1. Valve Type – vertical or horizontal
  2. Operation Orientation – Manual or pneumatically.

Semi and fully automatic filling head variants of the pneumatic filling heads have provision for auto-centring that is flexible to self-align a non-centred valve.

Each filling head come with a mounting mechanism which is ergonomically designed to provide even weight distribution for a balanced suspension and handling. The filling heads are designed for easy connection disconnection and fitment.

Safety with JASMA LPG Filling Heads

Jasma LPG Filling heads are designed keeping in mind safety of the worker and the plant.  All Jasma filling heads are intended for operations in hazardous areas classified as per IEC 60079.

Jasma LPG Filling heads are IECEx-certified. Jasma Filling heads are LPG Safe due to its construction from corrosion-resistant and non-sparking materials. Special grades of stainless less, brass, aluminium and special polymers are used to ensure the filling heads LPG friendly.  

Even when air is supplied to the pneumatic Filling guns, the nozzle does not open and no product is ejected to the environment. This is safety by design. An additional benefit of this safe design is no wastage of the LPG Product.

Even when the filling head is decoupled from the valve, there is insignificant loss of LP Gas, further ensuring any unnecessary spillage or wastage of the hazardous LPG Gas.

Jasma LPG Filling heads are available for different valve sizes and all Jasma LPG Filling Guns / Heads come with a Ex marking.

Customization of JASMA Filling Heads

Jasma Filling heads work with LPG Handwheel valves (POL valve fitting), LPG Quick On valves, LPG Safety Valve (OPD Valve), LPG Forklift Valves, LPG Camping Valves and LPG Jumbo Valves. 

Being in the LPG business for 30+ years, Jasma is able to customize LPG Filling guns to suit any customer requirements, including special valves.

Recently, a 2-in-1 filling head prototype was developed that can be used to fill cylinders with 2 different size of cylinder valves.  All this while ensuring 100% safety and quality.

Reach us at [email protected]  to know more about our Filling Heads. We supply Filling Guns, service / maintenance kits for LPG Filling Heads to our customers across 6 continents.