How does Jasma consistently achieve Product Quality?


Need for Quality Control?

At JASMA, our activities include Design, Development and Supply of Spare Parts, Tooling, Components and Equipment to various engineering industries including LPG, Petrochemical, Steel, Wire and Cable, Textile etc. Our products are custom built to suit customer requirements and various engineering applications.  With such diverse portfolio of engineering products, it is critical to have quality system in place.

Indicators that highlight our commitment to product quality and customer service is the fact that JASMA products are present across 45+ countries, with 100+ satisfied customers, and recurring recipient of engineering excellence awards from national and state governments of India for 19+ years.

While these metrics are an outcome to our customer first approach, within the company, quality management system is in place and Jasma is ISO 9001 certified. Our LPG Product range (chain conveyor, sprockets, pulleys, filling guns, pallet parts) is IECEx certified, further exemplifying our commitment to safety and quality standards, eventually giving our customers peace of mind.

Quality Commitment with Zero Defect Zero Effect

In addition to ISO certification for QMS, our product quality and process control for zero defect is demonstrated with ZED certification. (Zero Defect Zero Effect).  ZED Maturity Assessment Model has been developed by the Quality Council of India to assess on Quality, Environment, Energy and other process parameters.  

ZED is positioned as an integrated, holistic and Capability Building Model that assesses quality led processes, productivity, consciousness towards environment, financial prudence as its core pillars.  Assessment is conducted by accredited (third-party) agencies on 30+ parameters.  

Some of the assessment parameters with ZED include:

  • process capability assessment & enhancement,
  • design capability,
  • customer service & support,
  • intellectual property,
  • Quality performance levels (in-process & outgoing)
  • process control,
  • timely delivery,
  • waste management,
  • safe working environment, and many more

How do we achieve Consistent Quality?

At JASMA, with each customer or research project a detailed project plan is laid out, and PERT and Gantt charts are generated to track and monitor project status (until delivery).  Manufacturing process is controlled with a process control plan to ensure product requirements are met up to JASMA standards. All control points, parameters are defined, inspected-tested and recorded. Only upon meeting 100% of the requirements, the batch/quantity is accepted and processed further.  Sampling & test plan is established for inspection with each project and components. In addition to internal tests & inspection, routine third-party tests at accredited national laboratories are also conducted.

In case of any delays or quality issues during manufacturing, corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) is conducted. Information is collected, analysed and appropriate and effective corrective and/or preventive action is determined to prevent recurrence. This helps use achieve zero defect.

With a robust internal process, coupled with engineering expertise, JASMA is able to maintain and exceed certification standards and supply product that are globally competitive.