How to identify JASMA Conveyor Chains?


JASMA Conveyor Chains

JASMA has been in the LPG Industry for over 2 decades. We make various type of conveyor chains for the LPG Industry. With improvement in technology and customer inputs, our LPG Conveyor Chains (CC600M, F801, CC625, SM1200, J8014, J20M and other models) have innovated in areas such as metallurgy, production engineering and design.  All our conveyor chains come with JASMA branding.

JASMA Branding on Conveyor Chains

Jasma branding is marked (shown in the image) on the top or bottom of the conveyor chain and/or on the face of the conveyor chains.  Markings not only helps our customers to identify the JASMA brand, but it also re-assures JASMA quality. Besides JASMA brand, each chain link also comes with Ex Certification mark as well as identifiers for production lot. 

JASMA Conveyor chains are branded with one or more of the following marks:

  1. Jasma Logo
  2. Jasma Brand Name (either as “JASMA” or “JE” signifying Jasma Engineering)
  3. Jasma Branding for the OEMs include “JE-KC”.


Illustration of these markings can be seen in the image above as well.

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