Jasma Dry Chain Advantages


Jasma Dry Chain Innovation

Developed markets have been using dry chain conveyor system in their LPG bottling plant for several decades. Many emerging nations are now starting to shift their operations from wet to dry.  

For over 2 decades, Jasma has been supplying dry chains around the world.  As of May 2021,  Jasma dry chains would have covered the entire route length of Beijing metro system (worlds 2nd biggest metro route). In the process, the dry chain system has gone through many improvements and micro- innovations that have improved life, performance and cost-effectiveness.  

Specifically, the development of proprietary grade of Jasma dry chains have made them explosion safe, and the innovative “M” series chains have allowed for easier installation and maintenance compared to conventional riveted chains. 

Trial run with Jasma Dry Chain

In a pilot study ran by a reputed LPG filling plant in South East Asia. Jasma dry conveyor chain along with other elements of the conveying system were deployed.  

The results showed that in addition to improvement in plant safety and efficiency, significant reduction in labour cost, infrastructure cost (soap trays & barrels) was also reported with Jasma dry chain system.  The outcome of this project resulted in a nationwide directive for the company to shift wet operations to dry. Kudos to the company for its effort to improve working conditions and commitment to sustainability.  

Jasma Dry Chain Advantage

There are 4 benefits that highlight benefits of the Jasma Dry Chain system: 

  1. Overall improvement in occupational safety and health. 
  2. Easy installation and maintenance of the conveyor system. 
  3. Cost savings related to reduction in plant down time, procurement of soap, barrels etc. for wet plants. 
  4. Environmentally sustainable operations by completely eliminating the need for soap and water. 

With Jasma dry chain system, all the benefits of the wet chain conveyor are preserved, on top of that, Jasma chains also allow for easy maintenance as no specialized riveting tooling is needed for installation and maintenance.  Not to mention the added benefit of improving working conditions, and making operations environmentally friendly. 

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