Reasons to Buy Engineering Goods from India


Engineering Masterpiece 

Mangalyaan, worlds most affordable mission to Mars is the epitome of Indian engineeringmark of quality, performance, time and cost-effectiveness.  It was built in record time, with 1/10th the budget of NASAs Mars mission, and yet giving the same performance.

Much like the Mars mission from India, many engineering products manufactured in India are appreciated around the world.  Engineering goods accounts for about 25% of all exports from India (Source: EEPC, India) The engineering sector of the country is of strategic importance for India’s growth story. Engineering goods include ferrous and non-ferrous metal products, ranging from industrial machinery and equipment to its spare parts, auto and its components, and equipment used for transportation.

India is rightly positioned to be globally competitive. This is possible largely due to favorable labour market and increasing focus on quality system and products:

Economics of Indian Labor Market 

India enjoys low labour costs along with requisite skill sets for manufacturing operation, thanks to increase in engineering graduates every year Engineers returning from the western world (reverse brain drain) also adds to the skilled workforce.  

The combination of lower wage structure, vast labour market and skilled workforce has allowed India to cater a range of markets, from emerging nations within Africa, to developed and quality conscious countries in Europe.  

At Jasma, we believe the same quality and safety attributes of products we supply to the developed nations can also be availed by developing nations at an affordable cost.    

High Focus on Quality

Indian industries have adopted some of the best practices of different nations of the engineering world to stay competitiveAmong these, an important aspect learnt is the mandate to control quality especially for exported products. 

Whether it is certifying the quality process to ISO standards or qualifying products against quality control measures, organization in India have stepped their game to be globally competent.  

With less than 1% non-conformance rate, on-time delivery and ISO certificationJasma continues to supply quality products around the world  

One of our customers from the Middle East in Construction industry says

It was only after we have done business with you (Jasma) we learnt the quality of Indian Product. We express our sincere appreciation for your workmanship”  


Indian conditions are perfectly suited for engineering goods that require labour intensive process such as casting and forging.  Thus, it is no surprise that India has been the highest exporter to the world for cast articles of iron and steel goods, i.e. HS Code 7325.   

While many looked up to the west for quality in the past, availability of high-quality engineered products at affordable price in India, it is only natural why nations lean to India for their engineering supply. 

At Jasma, we are highly focused on product quality and developing valuable international client relationships to boost India’s manufacturing exports, as well as provide excellent quality for a range of customized engineering products at highly competitive costs. Please read our blog on why you should choose Jasma for your setup.

Quality checks and SOPs have always been north star metrics at Jasma for over three decades, and as a result we have:

  • Consistently met customer requirements for quality and product
  • On-time delivery
  • Achieved a very low (~1%) non-conformance rate
  • Resolved customer complaints within 10 working days

Jasma has been an ISO certified company for over two decades and its QMS is aligned to ISO 9001:2015 standards and trusted by 100+ customers spread over 45+ countries worldwide.

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