Safety by Choice, not by Chance


World Safety Day

In 2003, International Labour Organization (ILO) observed the World First Safety Day. Since then, April 28 is recognized as World Safety Day. The purpose of this day is to create awareness about occupational accidents, diseases and hazards.

Good Safe Society and workplace starts with policy makers on the top that can ensure there are laws and regulations that support safe working environments. However, policy makers can only guide, it is the responsibility of organizations at large to go above and beyond the laws and regulations to ensure work environments are safe and healthy for all.


Latent Failures

Accidents are not a standalone event, it is cumulative effect of the choices an organization makes during,

  • procurement,
  • operations and
  • maintenance.

Organizations that buy expensive machineries but cut corners by procuring lower quality spares or skipping maintenance have experienced accidents. History informs us well, whether it is an event at oil refinery, LPG Filling plants, medical device operation or aviation accidents. There are countless cases in the world, irrespective of the industry sector where in the event of failure or accidents, organizations become reactive and often blame the person to close the incident.

More often than not, a thorough root cause analysis for accidents will often point towards an organization failure (systematic pressure) to oversee non-accidental events. Events leading up to the accident would often show several near-miss events that could have prevented the accident.

These near-miss event are also a class of latent failures; these are less-apparent failures that are typically hidden and often missed, that can result in a human at the end making an error resulting in an accident that harms people, machinery, organization and society.

Organizations need to support the right culture to ensure latent failures and near-miss incidents are detected and more importantly corrected. Whether, it is performing timely preventative maintenance, or buying the right product that ensures safety and well-being.


Heroes of Safety

For any organization and occupation to be safe, it is a joint effort of several people a.k.a safety Heroes. People that pickup near-miss events and perform corrective actions on the job need to be rewarded.  Plant, maintenance, technical and procurement team members who prioritize safe products and practices at work should be rewarded.


JASMA & Safety

Being in safety critical industries, we continually keep our eyes and ears open to learn from our customers, improve and evolve our products to ensure maximum safety for our customers and their operations.

One such example is our products for LPG filling plants. Our LPG Filling & Palletising plant spares are 100% safe for the LPG Environment.

  1. Ex-certification on our conveyor (Chains, sprockets, pulleys), filling (heads) and palletising products (closing bars) gives peace of mind for safe operations.
  2. “M-Series” conveyor chains from JASMA (CC600M, J20M etc.) ensure no-tooling maintenance, further reducing any occupational injury risk associated with repetitive manual work.
  3. Our dry conveyor system products ensure a shift from wet to dry operations hassle-free, a dry system eliminates occupational hazards due to water spillage and accidental slips and fall. Read more about how dry system can work well with west system here.

Ultimately, safety is an on-going practice and a journey, it does not end with workplace, but a way of life. World safety day is a good reminder for us to step back and recognize our efforts to overall wellbeing of people, plant and organization. It is beyond wearing Personnel protective equipment (PPE) or performing preventive maintenance, it is about choices we make, every single day. There are plenty of heroes here that need recognition.