Anti-Static Wear Strips & Liner

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) has properties of Low Friction, Self-lubrication, Excellent Wear and Abrasion Resistance. Anti-Static Grade of wear strips or liners makes it safe for use in LPG environment. UHMWPE wear strips or liners increases Conveyor Chain life and reduces noise. These wear strips are customizable and available in various Shapes, Sizes & Curvature to meet customer requirements.

UHMWPE Anti-Static Wear Strips are best recommended to be used at all contact points of Dry Conveyor Chains tracks.

Benefits: Customised to the Plant design. Safe for LPG Operations.

Anti-static grade of UHMWPE wear strips is better for safety and wear resistance in comparison to Nylon or Ertalon grade wear strips used in explosive environments such as LPG.

Anti-Static Wear Strips & Liner Gallery
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