LPG Filling Heads

Customized LPG Filling Heads to suit various Valves. LPG Filling heads for OAL, OPD, Check, Centre and Screw valves. Manual and Pneumatic operations (semi-automatic and fully automatic) for horizontal and vertical filling positions. Corrosion resistant, Ex friendly materials (such as Brass, Stainless Steel, Special Polymer) used to make the LPG Filling heads.

Benefits: Customization of the LPG Filling head to the Valve. IECEx Certified (Ex marking on product) for Safe Operations. Insignificant loss of LPG Product when coupling and decoupling the LPG Filling Head with the Valve. Ergonomic Design for balanced suspension and handling. Auto Centering for self-alignment.

IECEx Certified For Safe use in Explosive Atmosphere as per:         

         Standard: ISO/IEC 80079-36 & ISO/IEC 80079-37

         Protection Type: h – Ex h IIB Gb


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